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Programmatic Advertising Is Dead According To The CEO Of AppNexus

In a sponsored post for Ad Age, Brian O'Kelley, the CEO of AppNexus, pronounces programmatic advertising dead. He ays that despite the fact that he "invented it," building the first ad exchange at Right Media in 2006, programmatic advertising is over. Huh? "To clarify: I don't mean that we'll see an end to "digital ad buying that involves automation and data-driven decision-making, frequently in real-time," which is how Cowen & Co. defines programmatic. All of that will still happen." He goes on to explain: "But programmatic is an obsolescent technology built for the one-dimensional and monolithic internet of Eudora and Netscape. It's wholly inadequate for the dynamic ecosystem of music and video streaming, interactive gaming, app stores, the "internet of Things," GPS, cloud cognitive software and virtual reality." The future, O'Kelley suggests, lies in sophisticated ad tech platforms that will empower marketers "to build customized algorithms that govern when and where creative gets served, based on data as diverse as weather patterns and psychographic profiles. Tomorrow, even the creative will be programmable."



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