Bing Ads Compares Performance Data Between Campaigns

Bing Ads now allows advertisers in the U.S. to preview performance changes in campaigns from one time period to another without leaving the page.

While the feature is in preview, Bing will make updates and collect data and feedback to evaluate the feature prior to making it available in all Bing Ads markets. Prior to the change, marketers had to navigate to the Reports workspace and manually create and view the comparisons in Excel. Now it is done through the campaign page.

Marketers must sign up to take part in the program, according to Claire Lee, program manager, Bing Ads platform.

Lee details now the process works. She explains that marketers must open the date range selector in either the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords, or Ad Extensions grids. Turn "Compare" from off to on by clicking on the toggle, and selecting a time frame for comparison. There are three options such as previous timeframe, same timeframe or custom.



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