Google Experiments With Desktop Layout, Looks More Like Mobile Cards

Google appears to be testing a redesign for its desktop search results. The redesign displays information in Google's Knowledge Graph at the top of the page. Related information about the specific topics follows in outlined boxes that resemble information cards in its mobile search app. 

The redesigned query results for desktop look more like the mobile search results in Google's app because it highlights each following result from the query in a highlighted box that makes it stand out. The desktop search design only appears when the user is logged out from Google, according to the report.

9to5Google spotted the change, which only appears for users when they are not logged in to Google. While Google highlights the query results by outlining the text in a box, which resembles cards that make the query results appear more prominent, users must scroll further down the Web page to view organic search results.

The downside for users is that if they are not looking for general information they must scroll further down the page to see actual search results indexed and pulled in from the Web. Articles from the “In the news” list appear in one card and the “People also search for” list is now at the bottom of the page rather at the bottom of the sidebar.

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