YouAppi Updates Its Matching Algorithm, Ups Data

YouAppi, a mobile tech firm specializing in customer acquisition, announced that it has updated its matching algorithm today, incorporating more data sources and a longer period of historical data.


The company focuses its efforts on high lifetime value users, basing its estimations on post-install events, but positively identifying them takes time.

YouAppi’s historical data comes from 15,000 campaigns on more than 3,500 apps and sites combined with first party data from the company's mobile profiles.

"By updating our Matching Algorithm, YouAppi is now able to match the right prospective app user, based on our 1.5 billion mobile app profiles, with the right apps faster and with greater accuracy," stated Eyal Hilzenrat, YouAppi's vice president, products and partnerships.

Matching users to ads means that the company has to understand both sides of the equation: users and apps. Data points used to identify apps includes the category, sub-category, keywords, target regions, app monetization level, publisher quality, transaction type and value, and success index, as well as more sources.

Users are sorted into cohorts, based on behavior and patterns to be exhibited by those interested in the app. By grouping users with similar characteristics and then further segmenting them into categories like travel, shopping, games, entertainment and lifestyle, YouAppi can predict which user groups will most likely convert and remain loyal customers.

The company closed a series B earlier this year, garnering $13 million earmarked for expansion into Asian markets.

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