Legoland Resort Kicks Off Summer Campaign

Legoland Florida Resort has kicked off a new campaign tied to the summer vacation season that was created by VML New York, which is part of WPP. The shop won the account last January

In a TV spot that launched Memorial Day Weekend, a recently-created resort character, “Tommy Parker, Kid CEO,” takes viewers on a tour through the 152-room hotel, highlighting some of its amenities, including a pirate-themed room, a disco elevator, a lobby pit filled with Lego bricks, and Bricks Family Restaurant. 

The character Tommy, supported by a team that includes “Captain Brickbeard” and the “Good Knight,” has branded the property “The Five-Gazillion Star Hotel.” 

In the spot, the CEO dispenses nuggets of “kid” wisdom, such as “Mac and cheese is for closers.” 

The TV spot is being supported by a social campaign showing additional amenities such as the hotel’s adventure and kingdom-themed rooms, and includes an opportunity for kids to win items from the TV shoot for the ad.  






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