Google's AMP Roadmap Focuses On Ads, Analytics, Formats, Access

Google has released an Accelerated Mobile Project road map to give marketers a view into its plans for the AMP Project. The roadmap outlines goals and objectives such as new features and enhancements.

Rudy Galfi, product manager at Google, wrote in a post that Google has already released about 100 changes and bug fixes to the project since launch.

Based on the guidance and feedback of the broader AMP community, we have compiled and are posting the AMP Roadmap on our project site," explains Galfi. There's no formal process for the creation of the roadmap, instead consider it a guide, "a non-exhaustive summary of the existing higher-volume, public information sources such as the GitHub issue tracker, mailing list, Slack channel for AMP developers, @amphtml Twitter updates, and others," he wrote.



The road map is designed to help marketers and developers understand at a quick glance the project’s current status and where it is heading.

The AMP road map presents information about Format, Analytics, Ads, and Access -- the project's four main areas.

While the topic of Format covers visual elements like carousels and lightboxes, widgets such as social embeds, video players, and how AMP generally works, the topic of Analytics covers the ways to collect data from a Web page, particularly by using features like amp-pixel or amp-analytics, and providing interoperability with data analysis solutions.

The topic of Ads covers anything related to enabling ads on AMP pages, providing interoperability with ad technology providers, and driving ad ecosystem innovation with the AMP format.

Access delves into the amp-access element and anything related to providing content access controls to enable subscription and paid content support in AMP pages.

Google plans to update the road map twice each quarter.

An update in the middle of the quarter will provide that quarter’s first detailed listing of projects and their status.

Around the end of the quarter the status of projects in the just-ended quarter will be updated, as well as any necessary changes to priorities forecasted for upcoming quarters.


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