Nielsen Launches Marketing Cloud In Europe

The Nielsen Marketing Cloud is now available in the United Kingdom and France, with future expansion planned for the coming months to Germany, Italy and Spain.

Nielsen announced the European launch of its cloud-based marketing tool on Friday, releasing a suite of marketing products for data-driven, cross-channel media planning. European customers now have access to the Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP), Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) as well as integrations with over 150 third-party media and marketing applications.

The data analytics cloud platform provides Nielsen clients with omnichannel data profiles of individual customers, with the demographic and behavioral insights required for more personalized outreach. Marketers can leverage Nielsen's rich customer data to create better, more finite audience segments across email, CMS, mobile, online, video and social media. 



Additional features of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud include first-party data management, cross-platform media planning, and real-time campaign-tracking applications.

"The Nielsen Marketing Cloud enables us to access very accurate audience-data across myriad consumer traits like purchase consideration and shopping behaviour, and to programmatically reach these tailored audiences at scale in the UK,” states Andrew Muzzelle, digital media director at AIMIA, the largest loyalty card provider in the United Kingdom. “With the Nielsen Marketing Cloud we’ve been able to drive efficiency and effectiveness in our digital advertising campaigns."

Nielsen first launched its Marketing Cloud in the United States in April 2016.


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