Kiosked And MEC Debut Programmatic Virtual Reality Campaign In APAC

Advertising automation platform Kiosked, media agency MEC, and Hong Kong Airlines launched a campaign that used Kiosked’s 360-degree Panorama Video 360° ad units. Kiosked debuted the programmatically traded ad unit earlier this week.

The Kiosked 360 Panorama Video ad format allows audiences to experience advertising in a virtual reality (VR) window that includes video “fly throughs” showing Hong Kong Airlines’ business class seating and cabin. A demo of the dynamic VR format can be viewed here.

The results of the campaign revealed:

-- The ad units were 35x more effective than traditional display advertising, with 4.51% click-through to the airline’s site.

-- People spent 9x longer exploring the content vs, traditional display advertising.

Kiosked says because of its standard size (300 x 250), the 360° Panorama solves the challenge of scaling immersive advertising campaigns on mobile. The mobile format invites users to virtually dive into the brand video by clicking on a 300 x 250 mobile banner. The content expands and enables consumers to see all 360 degrees of the video by tilting and rotating a handheld device.

The 360° Panorama Video is the latest unit to be released by the Kiosked Innovation Lab, which aims to develop immersive brand experiences for sectors that include airlines, hotels, tourism, events, automotive, and real estate. “Because of its mobile-first nature, Asia Pacific is the optimal ground for launching these units that engage users wherever they are,” stated David McGrath, managing director of Kiosked and co-chairman for the Data Council of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Singapore.



Hong Kong Airlines claims it's the first brand to use the 360° ad unit programmatically in Asia Pacific.

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