Millennials' Relationship To Brands: Earn My Loyalty

Although there is much analysis to support Millennials' sense of brand skepticism, a new study says these key young consumers can be more favorable under certain conditions.

A comScore/YouTube study says “Millennials exhibit a more favorable response to brands that earn their loyalty and are relevant.”

In this light, the comScore/YouTube research shows that 62% of those 18-34 “take action after viewing an ad” and 47% say they pay more attention when viewing personalized ads.”

Older consumers are shown to have lower results -- 51% of those 35 and older take action after viewing an ad; with 35% paying attention when viewing personalized ads.

The study noted that Millennials have a slightly higher preference to watching TV series on YouTube versus older viewers: 12% have a preference to watching YouTube for current TV season shows, and 13% when it comes to watching previous TV season shows.



Viewers 35 years and older have a 4% preference for YouTube when it comes to current TV season shows and 9% for previous season shows.

Millennials continue to have a high preference for binge-watching -- 37% say they do some binge watching on a daily basis versus 14% for those 35% and older. On a weekly basis older consumers are more opt to binge watch like Millennials -- 23% of those 35 and older say they do this versus 28% of Millennials.

The survey is based data from 2,940 respondents.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, June 28, 2016 at 9:23 a.m.

    Another of thoseĀ  "indicative" studies that ask respondents what they "usually", "often", "frequently" or "sometimes" do with highly impressionistic but not neccessarily accurate findings. What about some real data on "binge viewing"? Dosen't YouTube know exactly how often each of its users has TV/video content on their screens and what show or episodes are being "seen"? What about doing an actual tally?

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