PlaceIQ Integrates With Oracle's BlueKai Marketplace, Mobile Location Data Now Available

PlaceIQ, a mobile location intelligence company, announced an integration with Oracle Data Cloud’s BlueKai Marketplace today, making their audience data available to Oracle users.


“Location data now has started to cross the chasm in terms of something that has demand in a large distribution model and channel,” says PlaceIQ CEO Duncan McCall. “People have thought of location as geofencing and proximity. Our focus is on that location is a way to understand behavior, and connect that to purchase and real-world behavior. It is a behavioral signal on its own.”

McCall says that partnering with trusted companies like Oracle and Adobe has done much to stabilize the location data industry in the eyes of potential clients. Some have referred to the practices surrounding the collection of location data in the past as “the wild west,” and depending on where you go, it still is.



Oracle thoroughly vetted their data before integrating PlaceIQ’s data into their data cloud, per McCall.

The Oracle Data Cloud has more than 1,500 data partners and integrates that data with a number of media companies, including publisher exchanges, ad networks, DSPs, DMPs and agency trading desks.

BlueKai Marketplace users can combine information from other data providers to build custom audiences based on various criteria.

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