Attention, Guaranteed: Pandora Partners With Moat On Viewability Solution

Pandora on Thursday announced a new capability that enables advertisers to buy 100% in-view impressions across mobile in-app and desktop inventory. The streaming music service partnered with Moat, a provider of mobile in-app viewability measurement, on the new function. Moat’s offering is accredited by the Media Ratings Council. In essence, Pandora is guaranteeing viewability and that advertisers can buy on viewable CPMs without wasting impressions.

Pandora announced its new viewability solution in a blog post authored by Chris Record, vice president of revenue operations.

In the post, Record makes the point that 90% of consumers’ mobile time spent is in mobile apps and that U.S. mobile in-app ad spending will reach $29.6 billion in 2016.

“As brand dollars migrate to mobile in-app, there is a growing shift in the expectations around campaign measurement with advertisers wanting to go beyond the standard impression and click to ensure their messages are actually seen,” Record wrote. Pandora believes that the new offering is a step toward delivering the transparency advertisers want and need to effectively measure success.



“Starting today we’re open for business for advertisers who want to transact on 100% guaranteed viewability," Record told Real-Time Daily via email. “This is important for marketers, because attention is everything and the starting point begins with viewable impressions. …Giving advertisers the option to buy viewed impressions allows them to reach their intended audience within Pandora while delivering on their sought-after KPI [key performance indicator] of cost per viewable impression. With our new offering, we’re guaranteeing that attention.”

Pandora said its Moat integration allows it to optimize campaign delivery to ensure 100% in-view performance. It said advertisers won’t have to pay for measurement using its first-party solution.

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