Shocker! Personalization Platform Releases Study That Finds Personalization Improves Engagement!

In today's self-serving research-related news, Jivox, which "enables the world's brands to deliver highly personalized digital marketing experiences," is out with a study that claims -- surprise, surprise -- personalized ads perform a whole lot better -- 3X on average -- than un-personalized ads.  

The study examined more than one billion personalized ad impressions from 24 ad campaigns, conducted by brands across six industries and delivered within 10 major global markets. Specifically, the study sought to measure the impact on performance of ad campaigns delivered using real-time data signals, or triggers, in combination with first-party, audience and contextual data. 

Campaign performance was measured against three Key Performance Indicators -- Click Through Rate (CTR), Interaction Rate (IR) and Average Dwell Time (ADT) -- and compared to Google’s display ad benchmark for rich media, the industry standard for measuring online ad performance. 



The study revealed significant improvement in consumer engagement when ads were personalized, yielding on average 3X performance gains over standard display ads. 

On average, the personalized digital ads from Jivox’s study delivered a CTR that was 230% higher than (or 3.3X) the Google display ad benchmark for rich media creative. For interaction rate, the personalized ads achieved an IR 84% higher than (or 1.8X) the Google display ad benchmark for rich media creative. And for dwell time, on average, the personalized ads achieved an ADT 28% higher than (or 1.3X) the Google display ad benchmark for rich media creative. 

Of the findings and the, ahem, benefits of personalized ads, Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney said: “Personalization has fundamentally changed how marketers engage with customers, and is shifting the very foundation of the digital advertising market. By replacing the industry’s traditional cost-per-thousand insertion model with an 'always on' paradigm, personalized ads offer brands significantly higher -- and more predictable -- revenue streams. This is a game-changing innovation for the industry with immense power to drive a business at scale.” 

It's game-changing, people. Game-changing! 

If you are so inclined, you can access the entire study here.



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