Google Introduces Three AdWords Express Features For Small Businesses

Google introduced three new features for AdWords Express Wednesday to help small, local and first-time advertisers get online.

The features — Ad Scheduling, Map Actions, and Verified Calls for better call tracking — are intended to help companies reach a larger audience and understand how the ads impact their business.

Since nearly one-third of searches for local businesses in the United States come from consumers who want to make a purchase immediately, per Google, Ad Scheduling presents a simple way to make sure the ad only runs at times the business owner chooses.

Business owners may want to run the ads just during the store's hours of operation, for example.

Map Actions shows the business owner just how many customers viewed the ad and went on to view the business listing on Google Maps. Google estimates that more than one-third of visitors in the U.S. use online maps to find local businesses.2

Google also said it is piloting a way for advertisers to track the phone calls they receive from customers who clicked "Call now” on an ad from their mobile phones.

Advertisers that opt into Verified Calls will also see detailed information about incoming calls, including the area code and duration of the call. The tool has rolled out to some AdWords Express advertisers, but Google hopes to expand it to all users soon.

Unlike AdWords, the fully automated AdWords Express has fewer manual features and reporting tools. It doesn't cater to the more experienced marketers who like to select keywords or enjoys writing copy for multiple ads.

Similar to AdWords, the ads serve up next to Google search results on the Web, mobile phones, Google Maps, and relevant partner Web sites similar to AdWords.

Marketers don't need a Web site when using AdWords Express. They can use Google My Business instead to get started.

AdWords Express automatically manages where and when the ads appear in Google search query results. Marketers don't choose the keywords. They select an audience and location, write three lines about the business, and set the budget. 

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