IPG: Twitter Video Ads Are More Relevant, Less Intrusive

A joint study by the IPG Media Lab and Twitter on the performance of video on the social media network showed “strong performances” by in-feed and pre-roll videos. The study looked at the impact of ad environments on brand metrics including recall, perception of relevance, and brand favorability.

Findings and conclusions from the study include: 

·         The same video ad is nearly twice as memorable in a Twitter video feed compared to a similarly skippable video format on premium sites and is a stronger driver of brand favorability.

·         Advertisers should be adapting ads for feed environments, such as providing heavier, early branding which can help drive awareness at lower levels of viewability. Also, getting to the point quickly by providing the most important information in the first few seconds of an ad makes it much more persuasive.



·         The Twitter environment where content is personal and self-curated, has an impact on how video ads are perceived. The study found that such ads are seen as more relevant and less intrusive.  

The study found that recall happened “quickly” on the Twitter platform. Approximately half the audience recalled video ads after one second in view. Ads benefited from the additional branding and context that surrounds videos within the Twitter environment. Video ads were also measured as being nearly twice as memorable in Twitter’s feed.

The Media Rating Council issued an endorsement of the study. David Gunzerath, Senior VP and Associate Director of the MRC, stated, “This latest study – and its illustration of how upfront branding elements such as those commonly used on Twitter can often lead to effective digital video ads at relatively short exposure times – represents an important finding that can help advertisers today in creating more effective ad executions for mobile in-feed environments.” 

“We were struck by how valuable the impact of front loading your branding and messaging can be,"stated Kara Manatt, SVP, Intelligence Solutions & Strategy at IPG Media Lab. "In today’s environment where the competition for attention is so severe, the results of our media trial show that it’s critical to front load your vital messaging." 

The full study can be downloaded here

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  1. Tzvi Harel from slide.ly/promo, August 22, 2016 at 4:10 a.m.

    All the conclusions of the described study are correct. We at Promo are seeing these results on a daily basis. Video ads have the best impact on grabbing attention but obviously, it's not enough. Videos like other media types should be repeatedly tested, with different audiences and different messaging till you come up with the right balance towards your objectives.

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