YouAppi Takes On Mobile User Acquisition Fraud

YouAppi, a mobile growth platform, announced today that it has incorporated anti-fraud measures into its growth marketing platform, OneRun.


The company’s new fraud countermeasures include IP blacklisting, click validity analysis, users multiple clicks analysis, hourly install and conversion analysis, click-to-install delay analysis and continuous automated app scanning. Having a layer of analysis and fraud prevention between buyers and sellers is good, but the real problem still lies in the instant gratification fraud provides.

Moshe Vaknin, cofounder and CEO, YouAppi, stated that the mobile app ecosystem needs to "take fraud prevention very seriously to safeguard customer acquisition campaigns while protecting users."

Finding the right audience is critical for mobile brands and properties—fraudulent traffic can destroy the basis for growth, providing a boost to surface-level metrics, but fraudulent users never complete real-money transactions and as incidents of fraud increase it could potentially deter buyers from embracing the marketplace wholeheartedly.

"As the mobile channel is relatively new and its detection not as mature, fraudsters are turning to it in the hopes they will have an easier time perpetrating fraud initiated from mobile devices,” stated Andras Cser, VP and principal analyst for security and risk professionals at Forrester.

Fraudsters are also turning to the medium as more ad dollars find their way into mobile. Fraud costs advertisers more than $1 billion annually, according to the IAB.

About 450 advertisers have run more than 15,000 mobile user acquisition campaigns to reach YouAppi's consumer profiles.  

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