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Facing 'Consumption Fragmentation,' TV And Video Providers Embrace Converged Data Solutions: Videology's Ferber

  • Beet.TV, Thursday, August 25, 2016 8:58 AM

In an interview on Beet.TV, Videology CEO Scott Ferber asks: “How do we get the one of linear TV plus the one of digital video together to make 1 to 1 as a value proposition to the advertiser?" While 77% of U.S. TV viewing still occurs on TV screens, the other 23% is expected to grow rapidly. As a result, “Both MVPD’s and publishers are experiencing consumption fragmentation,” Ferber said. This trend is spawning converged solutions from Videology and others to enable TV and video providers to offer advertisers cross-device campaign opportunities that are “measurable by television standards against the television guarantees of age and gender, but yet bring all the wonderful data and targetability and addressability that the digital world has become used to,” Ferber said.



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