Extreme Reach, Samba TV Partnership Connects Ad Content With Analytics, TV Ad Effectiveness

Extreme Reach, an enterprise cloud platform company that aids workflows for TV and video ads, on Friday announced a partnership that enables Samba TV to access the company’s new Video Asset API. The partnership means that Samba TV, a provider of real-time TV audiences and media analytics, will be able to connect ad content with deeper analytics.

Samba TV will use the Extreme Reach Video Asset API to access advertisers’ commercials at scale and in real-time, eliminating some manual steps in the advertising workflow and ensuring more accuracy in reporting for all advertising assets. Connecting the two platforms with permissions-based access will enable advertisers to see their campaign assets in connection with their analytics, in either platform, without manual data entry. The Video Asset API will support programmatic TV efforts, according to Extreme Reach.  

“Partnering with Samba TV allows our clients to get more advanced commercial monitoring and analytics, while simplifying the process for those that already use both platforms,” stated John Roland, Extreme Reach CEO. “We are eager to see our customers utilize our platform to share their video assets with partners in a controlled, talent and rights compliant manner that brings a new and much-needed level of efficiency to TV and video advertising.”



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