IRIS.TV And Vemba Join Forces To Increase Video Personalization Using Machine Learning

Cloud-based video programming system IRIS.TV, announced on Monday a partnership with Vemba, a premium video distribution and content discovery platform, to enhance cross-network publisher offerings with new content and personalization capabilties.

“Together, Vemba and IRIS.TV will use A.I. and machine learning personalization to help publishers maximize on-site video consumption, user engagement, and retention,” stated Garrick Tiplady, CEO of Vemba.

The partnership allows Vemba and IRIS.TV customers to access highly personalized content from both their owned and external video content libraries. Publishers are able to control programing by streaming position, frequency, category and in a short time also by geographical location and device.

“Our prescriptive analytics enables publishers using the Vemba platform to make actionable decisions based on data-driven insight and provides real-time performance data to understand asset value and to maximize return on video syndication,” stated IRIS.TV CEO Field Garthwaite.



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