Integral Ad Science, Nativo Align Viewability Measurements For Native Ads

Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Nativo announced on Tuesday that they have aligned their abilities to measure the viewability of native ads being placed through Nativo's private exchange, allowing brand marketers and publishers to transact based on a third-party verification of viewability.

Due to native ad units being controlled by the native tech provider and variations in size, load/rendering and content orientation, it has been a challenge for third-party verification systems to determine viewability of these ads.

The relationship has also brought Nativo into the IAS Certified Viewability Partner Program.

“By working with IAS to validate viewability measurement across our marketplace, Nativo-managed service campaigns will now officially accept advertiser requests to transact on IAS-verified viewability numbers,” stated Chris Rooke, SVP of strategy and operations at Nativo.

“There are numerous challenges when it comes to measuring the viewability of native ads, and our partnership with Nativo assures customers that they will have the level of granularity and transparency on native as they do in standard display,” said Maria Pousa, CMO at IAS.



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