Equifax Unit Teams Up With Adobe For Enhanced Audience Targeting

Global data provider Equifax on Wednesday announced that its IXI Services unit and Adobe have teamed up to make IXI’s Digital Targeting Segments available as a selection criteria within Adobe Audience Manager’s Audience Marketplace, a private data marketplace.

The partnership means that advertisers will now be able to better define their target audience in terms of estimated financial behaviors and purchase intentions.

Advertisers using Adobe can now target their ads based on qualifications such as a consumer's estimated asset levels, financial preferences, and propensity to buy in the travel and auto categories, among others.

The move is an attempt by IXI to make its third-party data more available to advertisers.

By using the targeting segments, advertisers can implement more efficient online targeting, minimize wasted ad spend, and track campaign effectiveness with closed-loop attribution, according to Equifax.



“The third-party audience data industry is comprised of hundreds of familiar and not-so-familiar data vendors whose focus is all about reach and a catchy taxonomy, but performance is not always a priority,”  Jeff Sporn, SVP and GM, digital services, for IXI Services, told Real-Time Daily via email.

Sporn said there are still “best-in-class data sources” available to brands looking for premium data. Equifax’s IXI Services unit offers differentiated audience segments, built on anonymous financial insights collected directly from first parties. “This allows advertisers to better segment their media targeting to reach their desired audience with less waste.”

“Our clients are always looking for new data sources to help them improve their campaign results and manage their ad budget more efficiently,” stated Ali Bohra, director of product marketing at Adobe. “Equifax IXI Services is unique in its ability to create premium audience segments derived from aggregated and anonymous financial and economic data.”

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