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Rubicon Aims To Break Down Divide Between Programmatic And Direct Buying

  • The Drum, Friday, September 2, 2016 8:06 AM

Rubicon Project announced the launch of Guaranteed PMPs (private marketplaces) at its U.K. Automation Summit with the hope of removing barriers between traditional direct buying and programmatic media trading. "The ad tech outfit used the summit, where it gathers both the buy- and sell-side of the industry, to announce what it is dubbing a major step in how direct deals will be executed, and what it believes will be another ‘chink in the armour’ to 'waterfalling.' Rubicon Project claims the offering will help bridge the gap between the traditional goals of direct buying, with the potential scale of ad tech using automated workflow systems. Addressing attendees, Josh Turner, Rubicon Project, VP of project management, said: 'Guaranteed PMPs means that both buyer and seller have more parity over how deals are transacted as they have the ability to trade using multiple models, which provides more transparency.'"



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