Telmar, USA Touchpoint Help Marketers Boost Targeting Reach

Marketers can now calculate reach and frequency against a database of how people spend their time on activities and with media for all measured channels from TV and radio to mobile, gaming, social media, and search.

A partnership between Telmar and USA TouchPoints adds 86 media channels. Telemar applies its RFT time spent reach and frequency data to the USA Touchpoint database, which supports very granular raw data. The RFT capability has become a core component of its cross-platform planning systems after several successful trials.

Corey Panno, global president at Telmar, says it's an important step in achieving cross-platform audience planning with one source of data,.

Telmar RFT enables marketers to use USA Touchpoints’ unique data sets to estimate delivery against very specific audiences, such as people who drink iced tea with milk one-half hour before dinnertime. It then compares how many people can be reached and how often by the same advertising budget across different media: from digital, to TV, to radio, to print, to outdoor.



In another example, per Panno, Telmar analyzed reach and frequency for adults 25 to 54 with household incomes over $100,000 and anyone who had bought or leased a new BMW. Overall, this plan will reach 820,000 BMW buyers and 26 million 25-to-54-year-olds making more than $100,000. TV will reach 34% of the targets an average of 1.5-times during the week, for a reach of 3.57% and total reach of 423,000. Mobile will reach 25% of the targets on average twice during the week, for an effective reach of 5.85% and total reach of 311,000, Panno explains.

The data in the BMW example, with Telmar RFT applied to USA TouchPoints, came from the 30-minute reporting by TouchPoints panelists on what they did at any given time. 

This analysis gives strategists a clear picture of the coverage they can generate across media among known customers and likely prospects. And they can do it routinely. It introduces another level of targeting.


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