SteelHouse Creates Ad Builder To Reinvent Digital Advertising

SteelHouse began rolling out a suite of tools Monday that lets advertisers build ads based on templates that can publish through various networks in mobile apps, social networks or publisher sites across the Web.

The Creative Suite—Ad Builder and Creative Library—integrates with with Getty Images and YouTube. Brands and their agency partners can access video from YouTube, upload their own assets, or choose from millions of high-quality images from the Getty Library.

Today, marketers will access the ad builder through a Web browser, but StreelHouse is working on building a downloadable version, says Mark Douglas, the company's president and CEO.

In addition to the templates, marketers can contribute to a library with their own creative designs and video.

Prior to founding SteelHouse, Douglas was head of engineering at It gave him another perspective to build out the company's platforms.

"Most of the world's content is created by consumers," Douglas said. "Not by creative departments."



The Creative Suite allows brands and agencies to use the content on Instagram, YouTube or wherever it's housed, and build it into ads.

Brands and agencies also can collaborate in the platform. The backend is powered by an editable code-based html language.

Users can easily export and run creative on major ad networks, including  AppNexus, DoubleClick and more, as well as support from The Trade Desk, buy-side platform,. Marketers can optimize and track the performance of campaigns from the application. They can use it with StreelHouse's advertising suite or others.

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