SourceKnowledge Institute Launches Data-Driven Marketing Certification Program

Ad-tech firm SourceKnowledge on Tuesday announced the launch of a free Data-Driven Marketing Certification program. The program is part of the new SourceKnowledge Institute, a self-serve e-learning program that’s platform-agnostic.

The program is divided into various core competencies: digital marketing fundamentals; measurement and optimization; audience segmentation and analysis; attribution; tag management and macro implementation; ad creative and variant testing models.

Each unit was designed by advertising and marketing experts and focuses on both theory and real-world applications. After successful completion of the course material and exam, students receive a certificate with a LinkedIn badge that can be added to their profile through the SourceKnowledge Institute's platform.

The program targets experienced marketers looking to demonstrate their knowledge, new marketers who are entering the space and want to learn advanced strategy and tactics, and traditional/brand/experiential marketers looking to learn how to properly leverage data and key performance indicators.

“The SourceKnowledge Institute is a self-serve e-learning interface so that students can learn at their own pace. The course material and certification is offered free of cost with the goal of improving the overall proficiency of marketers during this time of monumental change in the industry. While the course material offered is quite advanced, it’s very accessible and suitable for both senior marketers and those new to the space,” Hopf told Real-Time Daily via email.

Hopf believes this type of education is needed because of the focus on data-driven strategies and tactics within the advertising industry. “Advertising is fundamentally pivoting away from awareness-type television and out-of-home buys towards performance-type digital buys,” Hopf said.

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