The King Has (Not) Spoken

Code and Theory, Burger King’s digital AOR since early 2014, has just created its first TV spot for the fast-food giant—a 15-second ad promoting the addition of Cheetos Chicken Fries to the BK menu.

 In fact, the agency says it’s the first TV spot it’s ever created. Given the scheduling constraints, it was probably good it was a short one. It was shot (in 11 minutes) just 24 hours after it was pitched and approved by the client.

The ad will debut during tonight’s edition of Monday Night Football on ESPN.

The ad opens with BK’s “The King” character and Cheetos’ mascot Chester Cheetah seated at what looks like a post-game interview table ready to field questions.

An unseen questioner blurts out, “King, is Cheetos Chicken Fries coming to Burger King?”  There’s silence as the camera zooms in on The King and then out again amid camera flashes. He doesn’t appear to have much to say on the subject. Chester, assuming the role of PR rep, then responds, “The king has no comment at this time.”



A voiceover ends the spot with, “No more questions. Cheetos Chicken Fries are coming soon only at Burger king.”

BK confirmed earlier today that Cheetos-flavored chicken pieces would make their debut on Sept 14 as a limited-time snack item.

Over the weekend, the brand ran a teaser ad during Sunday NFL games (from agency David) showing The King and Chester at a table. Chester pushes a bag of Cheetos toward the center of the table and The King pushes a container of chicken pieces toward the bag, proclaiming, “I like where you’re going with this.” That spot ended with a fist bump between the two characters.

No word from BK yet how long the Cheetos Chicken Fries will remain on the menu. 

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