Marketron Launches Data Integrations Via Nielsen, Strata, And Katz Radio Group

Marketron, a provider of B2B software solutions, on Thursday announced it will integrate data from Nielsen, Strata and Expressway from Katz, Katz Radio Group’s programmatic exchange into the company's Mediascape platform, an important step in the development of programmatic radio.

The new partnership expands Marketron’s programmatic offerings, allowing it to provide a fully automated process, according to Jeff Haley, Marketron CEO.

Through Nielsen, broadcasters can import ratings data automatically, making it easier to do business on Marketron’s platform. Cost-per-point (CPP) and Gross Ratings Points (GRP) will also be calculated as part of the integration.

The Marketron Strata integration will enable RFPs that originate from the Strata system to be matched with inventory from Marketron’s marketplace. This will allow agencies and buyers a single-screen solution for searching and transacting broadcast inventory.

The partnership with Katz’s exchange enables broadcasters to seamlessly publish available inventory, transact on the Katz Expressway exchange, and reconcile the transaction automatically within the Marketron Mediascape platform.



"A successful programmatic market for broadcast radio will look similar to any other successful marketplace. An environment where buyers and sellers feel there’s a level playing field can accomplish goals more efficiently in an open market versus through traditional one-to-one trading,” Haley told Real-Time Daily via email. "Adoption of programmatic for radio depends on ‘coopetition,’ the collective efforts of complementary companies which create a landscape for success.”

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  1. Robin Solis from, September 18, 2016 at 6:13 p.m.

    Guess who is a large part of fulfilling these orders? :)

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