Upfront/Newfront Effect: High Value, Increased Spending

Upfront/Newfront presentations continue to be of high value -- in terms of more advertising money and attention, with digital video gaining in particular.

One-third of advertisers have committed to more money in upfront spending, according to a study by Advertiser Perceptions, the ad researcher. This comes from a survey that interviewed 310 advertising and media executives during May and June.

Digital and mobile video continue to make big gains from these presentations, with 62% planning to increase spending levels and 34% maintaining current levels.

The study said “positive” influence from presentations grew in 2016 over 2015, registering a 51% score versus 44% the year before.

The growing diversity of upfront/network presentations is having an effect: 84% of advertisers and 67% of agencies plan to expand the number of network brands they advertise with.

More than 37% of this year’s upfront attendees say attending the live events “was the best way for them to discover and experience new programming opportunities.” This was up versus the last two years.

Some 84% of attendees came from companies spending more than $25 million a year in TV advertising, with 78% from companies spending more than $10 million in digital/mobile video advertising.

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