RedPoint Global Expands Data-Driven Marketing Tools

RedPoint Global has added significant cross-channel and data feature updates to its Convergent Marketing Platform, the company revealed on Tuesday. 

RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform is a customer and data management application that blends machine-learning and marketing analytics in an easy-to-use interface with rich data visualizations. The new upgrade helps marketers manage their data in coordinated cross-channel campaigns, including on gaming channels and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

“Don’t fear the algorithms,” quips Patrick Tripp, vice president of product strategy at RedPoint Global. “They’re not here to take over our jobs, but they are here to enrich and optimize what we already do every day as marketers.”

Tripp says RedPoint Global has specifically made a platform that is open-ended for marketers to grant them flexibility in how and where they communicate.  Any channel that accepts an open API is now supported by RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform. 



The data tools that are newly available to the Convergent Marketing Platform include real-time triggered and transactional messages, or communication sparked by a specific action a customer takes online, such as abandoning a shopping cart or making a purchase. RedPoint Global provides a dynamic user interface with a variety of charts and graphs. The marketing interface is adaptive, meaning that customers can more efficiently customize segments, triggers and marketing campaigns. 

The company has also added interactive marketing dashboards that can incorporate any internal or external data source for contextual personalization. For example, retail marketers could add data from to their email marketing campaigns to ensure that they send promotional content in accordance to a customer’s local weather conditions.

“It’s a combination of art and science,” says Tripp. “As marketers we want to be data-driven, but we want to access it in a format we can consume, disseminate and create.”

Additional product features include expanded database support and a library of predictive models and marketing templates.

No additional cost is associated with the updated platform for any customers of RedPoint’s customer marketing applications. Tripp says that the upgrade only takes a matter of minutes, and that all current audiences and segments will remain available. 

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