Diamond Producers Association Targets Millennials

The Diamond Producers Association is targeting Millennials in a campaign that includes online video and broadcast.

Themed “Real is Rare,” the two films, "Runaways" and "Wild & Kind," are told from the perspective of two Millennials, each defining their relationship on their own terms. 

The association, an alliance of the world’s leading diamond mining companies, commissioned Mother New York to conduct research and generate a creative advertising campaign to celebrate what it is really like to be young and in love in 2016.

Digital media will run for about eight weeks across a variety of video platforms like Hulu, Facebook, Tubemogul and Instagram. Both spots will run on digital. The digital media is complimented with a tactical cable TV buy, which launched Oct. 11 on WWHL with Andy Cohen. Only "Wild & Kind" will run on TV. Both 60-second and 30-second versions of the film will be shown initially, and then gradually transition to 30-second and 15-second versions. The media plan also includes digital radio. 



The agency’s research shows that Millennials still love the authenticity of diamonds, but don't need to be sold a fairytale along with it. Mother New York’s creative sought to bring diamonds into the modern world by acknowledging that perfection is no longer the goal for a great relationship.

"This has been an incredible opportunity to take a closer look at many of the misconceptions about modern love and relationships " said Thomas Henry, strategist, Mother New York, in a statement. "Even though they're famous for 'gramming [posting on Instagram] and swiping, Millennials are actually crying out for meaningful connections with important people in their lives, just like everyone on this planet. The 'Real is Rare' campaign is about celebrating those connections, however people choose to make them."

Millennials are in search of real moments in an over-connected digital world, according to the research. The demographic defines a “real connection” as something powerful and sincere that can reaffirm their relationships on an on-going basis.

“Diamonds have always been a powerful symbol of meaningful commitment, but we discovered that younger audiences saw them as part of a fairytale love story that wasn't relevant to them,” Henry says. “We needed to bring this powerful symbol into the modern world by acknowledging that perfection is no longer the goal for a great relationship. With the 'Real is Rare' campaign, we sought to update that diamond promise for a Millennial audience who recognize how rare and special a true and authentic connection is." 

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