Europeans Tune Out If Emails Don't Render Properly

Mobile optimization in email marketing is just as important in Europe as in the United States, a new study from Adobe reveals.

A survey of more than 3,000 European professionals revealed that 22% of respondents would not engage with an email if it did not render correctly on their mobile device.  

Incorrect rendering is also likely to lead to European consumers being annoyed--  a feeling not often associated with the closing of a deal. Images that do not load or the need to scroll beyond one page were counted as a hindrance and are annoying to a quarter of European respondents in Adobe’s study.

Nearly half of European email users believe that brands that send too many emails are annoying and 29% dislike emails that were badly written, while 22% of respondents were annoyed by promotions that were irrelevant to them.

As more and more emails are being read on mobile devices, it is imperative for marketers to ensure that email text, images and design display correctly away from a desktop computer.

Indeed, the smartphone has overtaken the desktop computer in the U.K. with 79% of British respondents saying they are most likely to check their email by smartphone. In addition, 77% of French nationals and 69% of Germans are most likely to check their email by mobile device as well.

Mobile accounted for 56% of total global email opens in September, according to email testing company Litmus. Only 17% of emails were opened on a desktop computer and 27% of emails were accessed via a webmail client. 

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