Ford Focuses On Breast Cancer Awareness

Ford Motor Co. is focusing on breast cancer awareness in a TV spot breaking Sunday during NFL football.  

The 30-second spot, which breaks on Fox during the NFL pre-game, is part of the automaker’s broader Ford Trucks/NFL campaign. Called “The Meaning of Tough,” it features real survivors and co-survivors giving their locker room prep talk on what it means to be tough.

Notably, there is no truck in the ad. There is a pink hue on the traditional “Built Ford Tough” shield at the end of the spot, which was created by GTB, Dearborn, Mich.

Ford hopes the spot will resonate with a broad range of consumers since the disease is the most common cancer among women worldwide and the second-most common cancer overall. The spot will run through the end of the month.



Through its “Warriors in Pink” program, Ford has been motivating women and men to talk openly about the disease and has dedicated more than $130 million to research and education — largely funded by the sale of  Warriors in Pink apparel and accessories, says Tracy Magee, Ford’s Warriors in Pink brand manager.

“It’s important to us because Ford is a family-based company, and with breast cancer being the most common cancer among women worldwide, it affects many families inside — including our own Ford employees, dealer network and community at large,” Magee tells Marketing Daily. “This is why we continuously look for more ways to help.”

Ford has had small on-site activations at several NFL stadiums throughout the past several years, leveraging existing relationships around October and select games. 

“This, however, is the largest opportunity we’ve had so far,” Magee says. “With all eyes on Sunday football, we have the unique opportunity to spread awareness and encourage even more action on one of the largest platforms available today."

In 2015, Ford launched “More Good Days” to lessen the burden on and bring more good days to those living with breast cancer. Since its launch, Warriors in Pink has granted more than 60,000 good day experiences across the country — ranging from free rides to treatment centers, and meal and errand scheduling services. 

This year, the program is expanding to bring the most-needed support services to breast cancer patients, free of charge. Ford is giving away patient support services, including cleaning services, meal kit deliveries, alternative hospital wear, online scheduling tools and more. These services will be offered through new collaborations with companies, including Green Chef and Cleaning for a Reason. Services and additional resources can be found at  

“Each year, we ask ourselves what more can we do,” Magee says. “With our ‘More Good Days’ program and unique platforms and opportunities like our new ‘Meaning of Tough’ ad, we hope to share our mission and inspire the warrior spirit in all those affected by the disease.”

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