LiveRamp Launches IdentityLink To Enhance Cross-Channel Data Resolution

LiveRamp on Wednesday announced the launch of IdentityLink, a product aimed at unifying siloed data across on- and offline channels.

LiveRamp offers the ability to onboard all data from any channel, including addressable TV, direct mail, programmatic advertising, point of sale, mobile, CRM and social, to hundreds of marketing platforms, painting a stronger picture of the end user.

“Onboarding helped us build a core competency around identity resolution in the digital realm,” stated Travis May, president and general manager at LiveRamp. “But marketers want to do more than just target customers online using data from their CRM systems. They want a unified approach to people-based marketing on every channel and device.”

The company commissioned an industry study that found 92% of all marketers believe that engaging in people-based marketing on digital channels is of crucial importance. However, the same study indicated that only 17% have the ability to develop an omnichannel understanding of consumers.

“The challenge is that no one company -- brand, agency, technology provider, data owner, or publisher -- has a complete view of the consumer. They all only have a piece of the equation,” continued May. “Identity resolution is at the heart of bringing all of those pieces together.”

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