Google Shows Advertisers How To Accomplish Campaign Goals

Google launched a new AdWords Web site Thursday to hone in on features and information native to mobile devices. The site will have a feel similar to the newly designed AdWords interface with a streamlined navigation, which the company announced earlier this year and plans to roll out in 2017.

With a shift in consumer behavior to mobile and focus on surfacing the most relative data, Google wants to help advertisers draw insights and take action based on the data.

In the new AdWords interface, when users log in the first screen they see by default is an overview page, which provides a visual summary of the top events happening in a campaign. At a glance marketers can see what needs their attention, so they can take action.  

It's all about simplicity, said Anthony Chavez, product management director, advertiser platform, Google. "We want to mirror what we're developing in the next version of the AdWords interface," he said, by asking the marketer to think about their goals and objectives early in the process. 

Here's how it works. Marketers choose how they would like to reach their customers either through text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube video ads, or in-app mobile ads. Then they choose an objective: Drive Action, Influence Consideration, and Build Awareness.

In AdWords, the platform takes marketers through the process of setting up a new campaign using goals and objectives. For example, the goal might be for an advertiser to drive phone calls to generate leads for a business or a retail advertiser with physical stores that wants to drive foot traffic to a specific location.

Based on the goals, the new AdWords Web site surfaces information on the most relevant features for the advertiser to use.

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