Microsoft Bing Ads Launches Three-Tiered Partners Program

Microsoft has been enrolling key agencies, technology partners and small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) in its Bing Ads Partner Program and Tuesday announced the global rollout of an expanded program.

The three-tiered approach — Partner, Select, and Elite — highlights the level of investment in Bing Ads' growth, whether the partner keeps in tune with training and certification, among other criteria, said Gaby Ferreres Palou, partner marketing director, Bing Ads, Microsoft.

Elite partners such as WordStream will gain access to Bing's engineering team and product roadmap, and will have the opportunity to weigh-in on projects and features in products and services that shape the future of Bing.

"Bing Ads runs monthly meetings with a handful of people talking about the Bing Ads platform and what they're working on," said Larry Kim, founder of WordStream. "It gives us a chance to provide comments and feedback. They've been transparent in sharing information."

Experts in Bing Ads understand that products and features can provide the best advice to brands looking to purchase media that serves up on Bing.

The Ads partner program launches today in the United States and Asia-Pacific, but rolls out globally to Europe, Canada and Brazil on Jan. 15, 2017.

In the United States, the program now has about 30 Elite members -- with more than 200 Select and more than 1,000 Partners.

As Bing gains momentum and the Bing Network grows worldwide with 31.9% share in the United States, 23.3% in the United Kingdom and 14.1% in Australia, Bing's partnership network will foster collaboration with agencies, technology partners and SMB partners.

Ferreres Palou said the company also is working to forge partnerships with the Microsoft partner network and other networks throughout the company to gain leads for Bing Ads partners. "It's early days," she said, "But we are working to establish those connections internally," 

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