SaleCycle Releases New Email Solutions

Behavioral marketing company SaleCycle announced a host of new email solutions on Tuesday to help customers deliver automated and personalized email campaigns.  

The four new email features add email tools to SaleCycle for marketers to use across a customer’s purchase cycle, from initial browse to reminder emails to restock past purchases.

SaleCycle has released a browse abandonment email feature to make personalized product recommendations to customers based on their browsing history. A new cart abandonment survey can be automated and sent whenever someone abandons their site to bring insights into their decision and to remind them to come back to complete their purchase.

Only 26.6% of shopping carts convert into purchases, according to a recent study by Criteo, leaving 73.4% of shopping carts abandoned with no conversion to revenue. This is a huge opportunity for marketers to reach out to customers who have expressed interest in a brand or product with reminders to complete their sale.



SaleCycle customers can also send cross-sell or upsell emails to entice consumers to make additional purchases with personalized recommendations, and a new replenishment email feature reminds customers to restock on their favorite products when they are likely to need replacements.

“Email has always been at the cornerstone of SaleCycle’s heritage and we’re incredibly excited to bring the features to market that our clients have been crying out for,” states Michael Barber, head of product at SaleCycle. “As our friends at Econsultancy recently published, email continues to outperform other channels when it comes to ROI -- at 73% in 2016 -- and it’s a trend we don’t anticipate that will slow any time soon.”

Founded in 2010 and based in Virginia, SaleCycle tracks and manages behavioral data to help marketers optimize conversion rates and limit cart abandonment.


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