Google Gets 909M URL Piracy Removal Requests In One Year

Google’s Transparency Report shows that the search engine removed 909 million URLs due to copyright infringement during the past year, from November 29, 2015 through November 9, 2016. Some 347,000 Web sites were affected by requests to remove content that infringe on copyrights, according to Google.

The British Recording Music Industry (BPI) LTD made the highest number of requests in the past year. For example, on Tuesday, BPI requested the removal of about 10,000 URLs of which Google removed approximately 99.7%. APDIF of Mexico submitted the second-highest number of requests at 106 million, in which about 68.9% of URLs reported were removed.

The majority of removal requests, at least on the first page, are related to entertainment industry. Others such as Microsoft, Adobe, Business Software and more also have made requests for removals. 

Apple Records, Apple Music, and Apple corporate are among a handful of companies with some of the lowest request rates, ranging from 508 to 51 to 15, respectively.

Google states that between March 8, 2011 and today about 946,000 Web sites were affected and 1.97 billion URLs removed -- nearly 1 billion in the past year.

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