Twitter Buys Yes

Twitter just bought Yes.

Why? Well, it may admire the app maker’s mission to bring people together around events and such.

But the social giant was more likely interested in Yes founder Keith Coleman.

With many years at Google under his belt, Coleman is the perfect guy to oversee Twitter's products, the company seems to believe.

What does the deal mean for Yes apps like Frenzy and WYD, which were designed to bring people together in different ways?

Alas, “In the coming weeks, we’ll be shutting down our apps so that we can focus entirely on our new efforts,” the Yes team notes in a new blog post.

Twitter needs to do something drastic. By next year, eMarketer now predicts that more marketers will be using Instagram than the troubled tweeting platform.

By 2017, the research firm forecasts, 74.2% of U.S. companies (or at least those with more than 100 employees) will use Instagram for marketing purposes -- markedly more than the 66.2% that will be using Twitter.

If accurate, this will mark a significant shift from this year. By eMarketer’s measure, 66.1% of marketers currently use Twitter, compared to the 53.2% who use Instagram.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also saturated when it comes to marketer usage, eMarketer finds. As such, 85.3% of marketers will use Facebook, this year, and that penetration rate rise only slightly to 85.8%, next year.

Twitter is certainly trying to come up with new and interesting ways to engage marketers. For example, it recently began offering native ads to brand partners running mobile app install campaigns on the Twitter Audience Platform.

The program potentially extends campaigns to reach an audience of around 800 million on Twitter and thousands of various apps.

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