Google To Deliver On Invisible ReCaptcha

Google's next-generation ReCaptcha algorithm for Web sites will be invisible, will require no interaction, and will have the ability to tell humans from bots in real-time.  

The company built a landing page for the new ReCaptcha tool, but offers little information about the product other than that it is built on algorithms that can identify a human visitor. The landing page for Invisible ReCaptcha allows visitors with a Web site to sign up for more information by entering their name, email and Web site address. It also explains that "reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your sites and apps from spam and abuse. It employs advanced risk analysis technology to separate humans from abusive actors."

Invisible ReCaptcha will replace the clunky question-and-answer box where humans were required to determine numbers from squiggly line graphics. Then came the tickbox. Last year, Google released No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA, a technology that had users tick a box next to the words "I'm not a robot." The approach was intended to make it easier for humans to click through on desktops and only required one tap on a mobile device. The technology analyzed user behavior before, during and after coming in contact with the Captcha. 

Google is not the only player in this space. Adiant announced in 2015 the acquisition of Solve Media's advertising CAPTCHA business unit and its TYPE-IN ad platform. Solve Media's CAPTCHA is a TYPE-IN ad platform for brands. Solve Media’s technology creates a branding opportunity to engage consumers through display, video, pre-roll and mobile formats. 



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