Jivox Integrates Its Dynamic Creative With AppNexus' Programmable Bidder

Jivox, a data-driven platform for personalized digital advertising, on Monday said it will partner with programmatic ad platform AppNexus on a personalized digital advertising solution that integrates the Jivox IQ dynamic creative platform with AppNexus’ programmable bidder.

The integration offers what the companies call “Dynamic Audience Scoring” in which the Jivox platform captures consumer interactions from an ad campaign in real time, scores the consumers by their behavior, and then shares the data with AppNexus’ platform. AppNexus then adjusts media buying in real time in order to reach the most highly qualified scored individuals. Jivox is then able to retarget audiences with highly personalized follow-up offers.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is form of online advertising that allows brands to “follow” consumers after they’ve left a website to encourage their eventual purchase. 

Calling existing retargeting technologies “rudimentary,” Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox stated: “These products can’t qualitatively or quantitatively assess a user and their likelihood to engage. They also don’t leverage today’s vast amounts of available data and lack the algorithmic sophistication to determine a user’s true interests or intent. These are the products responsible for the all-too-common ads which repeatedly bombard users with offers for products they have already purchased.”

Using the Dynamic Audience Scoring feature, Jivox said its dynamic creative platform identifies and “scores” in real-time, within 10 milliseconds, the most qualified set of consumers based on data triggers including activity on the brand’s site, third-party data, contextual signals (i.e., the weather at a consumer’s location) and consumer engagement with the brand’s advertising. Jivox applies sophisticated algorithms to score users of this data and pushes those valuations in real time to the AppNexus Programmable Bidder.

The same real-time data that a dynamic creative platform like Jivox uses to personalize creative messaging can also be used to identify when a consumer is more likely to complete a purchase, according to Nesamoney.

The combination of Jivox IQ with the AppNexus Programmable Bidder enables media buying to be adjusted in real time to most effectively retarget these individuals with more relevant messaging, products, and offers reflective consumers’ engagement with brands. Jivox said Dynamic Audience Scoring delivers greater performance and ROI on campaigns by informing the media-bidding algorithms, in real time, when individuals and audiences  outperform others.

The partnership with AppNexus "represents a huge breakthrough in tying together dynamic creative optimization with programmatic media buying so that they can work in tandem," Nesamoney told Real-Time Daily via email. "It now brings a whole new dimension to media optimization... namely, what is user intent in the moment and how does it indicate desire to engage or purchase?" 

“The integration of Jivox’s dynamic creative technology into the AppNexus platform offers our joint customers an unprecedented level of precision in finding the best individuals and audiences to reach and delivering a sensibly tailored message to them – by using personalization data and algorithms to automatically adjust bids in real time based on user behavior,” stated Alex Chatfield, senior director of client advisory, AppNexus.

"One of the great challenges of programmatic media buying is determining the value of an impression. Jivox's new technology is a huge step forward in solving this challenge,” stated Tim Bagwell, senior vice president of Xaxis Ad Labs.  

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  1. Julien HIRTH from SCIBIDS TECHNOLOGY, December 14, 2016 at 11:07 a.m.

    Congrats Jivox for this achievement: I am particularly glad that a community of very innovative companies is emerging about the recent and powerful Appnexus Programmable Bidder feature ! Feel free to reach out on Linkedin to talk about this hot topic.

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