Screen6 Partners With Desktop, Mobile Data Providers To Augment Clients' ID Graphs

Screen6, a data processor and platform provider for cross-device identity management, on Thursday announced it would enable its partners to expand their private identity graphs beyond their own datasets through alliances with ShareThis, Airpush, and Kochava Collective.

Screen6 works to process clients’ data and build connections between the desktop, mobile Web cookies, connected TV, and any device that connects to the Internet. ShareThis is a social data provider with real-time capabilities, Airpush is a data marketplace, and the Kochava Collective is a mobile data marketplace.

Screen6’s alliances help companies that require supplemental data to fill holes in their own datasets. A desktop platform, for example, may want to extend into mobile. Using Screen6's bring-your-own-data system, a platform would be able use in-app data from the Kochava Collective and AirPush to bridge the gap.

Screen6 said its system is different from other cross-device vendors: It keeps strict silos to store each of its clients’ datasets, and doesn’t own or license any of its own data to augment its clients’ identify graphs.

With no centralized master graph to rely on, Screen6 said it doesn’t require a cookie-sync with each of its clients. Screen6’s technology works with data passed server-to-server, since each cookie pool is de-duplicated within its own environment. This means that Screen6 can process data and build private identity solutions for its licensees across locales while abiding by local legislation and industry self-regulation.

“Supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms, and data marketplaces see a huge benefit to working with a cross-device vendor that operates a master device graph because it can extend their understanding of cross-device IDs beyond their current ecosystem,” said Keith Petri, chief strategy officer, Screen6. “Screen6 has historically not provided this to its clients because we build private ID graphs only within our clients’ ecosystems. Through the new partnerships, the client can choose if they would like to add additional data from outside their ecosystem to supplement their graph.” 

The capability would still enable clients to build private graphs where their data isn’t incorporated into a master device graph.

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