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Programmatic Direct Is On The March

  • The Drum, Friday, December 16, 2016 6:58 AM
The Drum speaks to Paul Sternhell, general manager of programmatic direct and ad server for OpenX, about the rise of programmatic direct and where it fits into the programmatic ecoystem. He says advertisers are looking for "certainty, priority, and choice" with their programmatic buys, and that programmatic direct is "the buying and selling of advertising through workflow automation by buyers and sellers who are known to each other."  The benefits? "It gives publishers efficient and automated execution of direct sales, and for buyers it enables the efficient discovery of inventory and the automation of execution for direct purchases. As a result, consumers are served more relevant advertising for a better online experience and more valuable content. Products include automated guaranteed, real-time guaranteed and private marketplaces (PMPs)." In other words, it's automated inventory that advertisers can count on, as well as where and how it's going to show up.



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