DashBid Releases DBeX Engagement Spectrum, Moves Beyond Viewability

DashBid has announced the release of DBeX Engagement Spectrum, which will power its DashBid Exchange (DBeX)  and give advertisers the ability to buy "engagement metrics beyond impression, viewability, and demographics."

The new feature, available in Q1 2017, can grade and segment audiences using engagement metrics that include length of video, AVOC (audibility and viewability on completion), social shares and other measures.  

“[With the DBeX Engagement Spectrum], we refocus the conversation beyond viewability and towards engagement and ROI,” Rodger Wells, DashBid CEO told Real-Time Daily via email. "Viewability shouldn’t even be a discussion, it is table stakes in the game. The industry needs to move forward and sell based on what truly matters to advertisers: ROI.”

DBeX also provides standard exchange features such as private marketplaces, programmatic direct, and reporting abilities.



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