#ListenToYourSelfie In Online Video For Childline/NSPCC

Truman & Cooper created a 4-minute online video for Childline/NSPCC,a hotline that offers advice and support to teens and parents.

The video begins with a group of friends having a party at Lara's house when the girl's mother isn't home. The tame party takes a different turn when Dan shows up unannounced with his friends -- and alcohol.

As the night progresses,  Lara gets drunk and Dan makes his move. He's pressuring Lara to sleep with him and as they go upstairs, Lara receives messages from her selfies. They come to life, telling drunk Lara that she doesn't want to do this  -- and what kind of guy is Dan for taking advantage of her in her current state? Even the framed pictures on the wall start speaking to Lara, telling her that she doesn't "owe" Dan anything and not to go through with this.

The spot ends with a call to action and the viewer never knowing what Lara decides: "Not sure what to do? #ListenToYourSelfie. And if you're still not sure, talk to us," says a voiceover, with the Childline number and URL onscreen.



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