Research Says Gen Z Has Fairly High Degree Of Trust In Online 'News'

Research conducted by eZanga among Gen Z, those born in 1996 or after, found that 61% of those polled claimed a high level of trust in online communities (such as Reddit) as a news and information source.

Among the findings of the study, conducted among 1,200 people nationwide who identify as Gen Z (55% female, 45% male):

-- 43% of respondents found the presentation and display of content a bigger trust factor than the source of the content.

-- 65% of respondents claim to view more ads on their mobile devices than any other screen -- yet 31% stated that they’re rarely exposed to mobile ads. This finding may suggest that Gen Z is unable to identify certain kinds of ads. Only about 3% of respondents reported using ad blockers.

-- 46% of those polled were willing to click on content that’s clearly sponsored.

-- 33% of Gen Z is willing to share video content they find either funny or fear-inducing, over other factors that could generate the desire to share content.

The findings paint an interesting picture concerning trust for news/media/content sources, and how Gen Z, consume, share and understand ad vs. editorial content, according to eZanga.



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