NEW! Planet Fitness: The Only Place That Doesn't Judge

The world may judge you, but Planet Fitness will not. Think of it as a warm embrace in an otherwise harsh world, where even those who are typically on your side throw a little shade your way.

"The World Judges, We Don't," is a New Year's Eve countdown of people encountering judgment in atypical places. A woman on a job interview has a killer resume but bad fashion sense, while another woman is rejected by a cat that she wants to adopt. A new dad is kicked in the face by his newborn baby. And when a woman gets the courage to ask out her co-worker, he, and all their colleagues, laugh in her face. The struggle is real.

At least there's a safe haven where folks can work out and focus on bettering themselves. "The World Judges. We Don't. Planet Fitness. Be Free," closes the ad, created by Hill Holliday.



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