Gravy Analytics Raises Additional $7.7 Million

Gravy Analytics announced on Tuesday a $7.7 million funding round spearheaded by Spring Lake Equity Partners, finalized in December. Gravy Analytics is a mobile audience segmentation provider, offering verified data on local event attendances.

Other participants in the funding round include Gaspar Global Ventures, Loeb Holding Corporation and chairman of the board Richard Braddock. Loeb Holding, Gaspar Global and Spring Lake will each receive a seat on the board of Gravy Analytics.

“Advertisers are realizing that location data, when overlaid with event participation and place data, offers a robustness in consumer targeting. It is also catching on beyond online ad targeting to include targeted marketing in the offline world. Gravy is in an optimal position to drive adoption of this new wave of mobile consumer insight,”  said Richard Braddock, Gravy Analytics chairman.

Gravy Analytics has signed agreements with Neustar, Oracle/BlueKai, The Trade Desk and other DSP and DMP providers.



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