Canada Dry TV Spots Urge Gen Y To 'Relax Harder'

In its latest creative, Canada Dry Ginger Ale is sticking with a relaxation theme — even as it aims to position itself against energy drinks and other beverages showing healthier sales trends than the soda category.

Last May, Canada Dry ran creative featuring attractive Millennials relaxing on a ginger farm, taglined “The Root of Relaxation.” 

The two new, 15-second spots, from mcgarrybowen, start by showing various young adults engaging in strenuous work, gym and sports activities — with a sci fi-sounding voiceover repeatedly demanding, “Work hard, play hard.”  

In one ad (below), those scenes are followed with a vignette of a young man reading a book at home while enjoying cans of Canada Dry being delivered by a small robot. In the other (above), a young woman enjoys cans of the soda while languishing on a hammock hung above a kiddie pool.



The campaign’s tagline: “Work hard. Play hard. Relax harder.”

“We built this campaign based around the idea that our target takes work and play very seriously, so it’s just as important to set aside time for themselves to relax and recharge,” said Chanda Ridley, director of marketing and content for the Dr Pepper Snapple-owned brand. “We want to help consumers achieve ideal relaxation, using the calming qualities and real ginger taste of Canada Dry.”

The TV ads, which debuted this week on ESPN and NBC Sports and are also viewable on a campaign microsite and YouTube.

The campaign also includes cocktail recipes and interactive content from The Richards Group, which is being shared on the brand's social channels and on digital media.

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