Nielsen Releases 'Limited' Total Content Ratings

Nielsen’s much anticipated Total Content Ratings -- something TV networks hope will give an accurate picture of all linear and digital TV program viewing -- will now get a limited release.

Following a meeting with its media clients on Friday, Jessica Hogue, SVP of product leadership, Nielsen, now says TCR will now get a “limited” commercial release on March 1.

“Publishers will be able to use their own data -- but not competitive data -- externally,” she says, speaking with Television Daily News. Hogue says this means publishers  -- which include TV networks and video content owners -- can share their data with media agencies, the press, or other business concerns.

Currently, publishers can see competitive data, using it for internal evaluation.

Nielsen says some publishers need more time to evaluate the data and the service. Hogue says: “This is about finding a solution that works for all our media clients.”



Nielsen intended its media clients to analyze TCR data online as of January 1. Instead, it has been providing off-line reports. The request for the delay came from TV networks, says Nielsen.

TCR looks to consolidate all traditional, digital and other TV/video viewing under one measurement system. Nielsen had intended TCR to get a full commercial release on March 1. Hogue says: “We are going to re-access at a later date.”

Analysts have said some publishers/networks have had trouble -- or have had delays -- in installing the Nielsen’s software development kit (SDK) for TCR on their digital platforms.

NBCUniversal, for example, has had concerns over many issues of TCR, including lack of participation from the industry, as well as VOD and OTT measurement issues.

TV networks had hoped TCR could be used for the next upfront TV advertising market, which occurs later this spring and summer.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, January 30, 2017 at 12:30 p.m.

    This sounds as if Nielsen is allowing each ad seller to determine whether it likes its data but without making public comparisons with similar "linear" plus "non-linear" ratings from rival sellers, who may, or may not, like their data. So, what happens if one major seller feels it isn't being credited with enough non-linear "viewers"? Is that ad seller going to decide what set of numbers it chooses to be evaluated by? And how does a buyer reconcile all of the different and, obviously, self serving, seller metrics that may emerge? We either have cross platform measurements or we don't. If not, let's figure out how to do it correctly, then all of this pussyfooting can end.

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