RichRelevance Leverages Nielsen Data To Offer Personalized Shopper Content

Nielsen Marketing Cloud unit has struck a deal with RichRelevance -- a company offering personalized shopping data for large retail brands -- to help retailer clients with deeper analytics and audience data.

RichRelevance customers can now leverage Nielsen audience data, analytics and technology for improved personalized shopper content, product recommendations and search results.

For example, when a new potential customer visits a retailer’s ecommerce site -- for the first time -- they can immediately get products and content tailored to their demographics, interests and purchase intent.

“[Retailers] have data for their customers -- first-party data -- but not for new visitors,” says Eduardo Sanchez, chief executive officer/president of RichRelevance.

Nielsen says 60% of traffic to a retail site or app is anonymous to the retailer  --  no data on these audiences has been typically available when they first arrive.



“The interesting thing here is that we are touching retailers directly with Nielsen data,” says Mark Zagorski, EVP of Nielsen Marketing Cloud, “as well as allowing other first-parties. That could be CPG companies, retailers or other people using our data management platform -- to also deliver data directly into the RichRelevance application.”

RichRelevance application data set will plug into Nielsen Marketing Cloud, says Zagorski, which has some 300 different applications -- everything from demand-side platforms (DSPs), email technology, and optimization tools -- anything that “touches the consumer.”

Mutual clients of both Nielsen Marketing Cloud and RichRelevance can use the Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP) and Nielsen cross-device audience data.

RichRelevance says its personalization consumer service is used by more than 230 multinational companies.

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