Facebook, Amazon, 7-Eleven Ranked Most 'Mobile-Ready' Brands

Brick-and-mortar convenience store retailer 7-Eleven is the most “mobile-ready” brand that isn’t inherently a digital media product, according to a new index ranking thousands of brands worldwide based on their mobile “readiness.”

Dubbed Mdex, the new index -- created by IPG Mediabrand’s Ansible mobile media unit in partnership with YouGov and Google -- utilizes a variety of quantitative and qualitative factors to score each brand’s mobile readiness.

“A quality mobile experience must encompass five key dimensions for a dynamic and immersive user experience,” the IPG unit said in a statement announcing the index this morning. The Big 5 factors include: discoverability, optimization, utility/usability, navigation/content and “driving desired actions.”

While digital endemic brands Facebook and Amazon rank No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, 7-Eleven ranked third on a top 10 list that was split between digital and non-digital brands.

Among the top 10, Amazon and Hyundai are the only IPG clients.
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  1. Christi Roggenbuck from Arizona State University, February 27, 2017 at 10:59 p.m.

    In the digital age we live in today it is extremely important for brands to be accessable to consumers through all platforms, especially mobile devices, as this is where people tend to spend a majority of their time. These results from the new index of "mobile-readiness" are quiet interesting. It is no surprise that Facebook and Amazon take the lead as they are two of the most top performing brands in the digital market place. As this article points out, the fact that 7-Eleven, a primarily brick and mortar store, takes thrid is a sign that things are changing in the digital world. 7-Eleven saw a place for expansion and a way to gain a new demographic of users and they took advantage of it. The five key dimensions of how this new idex rates the brands is also quite interesting. I would like to know more information about these five aspects and go more into depth on how exactly they are rated and what they mean in regards to each individual brand. Brands need to be taking advantage of the digital market place and based on this list, it seems that a lot of them have revieced this memo. The digital world is growing and brands need to get on board or get left in the dust. 

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